Ily to queen nicki
Phenomenal hit [Verse 1]
I'm looking for a dude to give some babies
A handful of patrick sprinkle of 'nel lee's
Man i ain't got glory like justin and rey g's
But if they love me, their grades be 90's
I tried to talk to albina for an og hour
But all he wanna do is chat emoji for hours
M-make our teacher mad, make sure its a k-o
President's late, oh l. del rosario
Somebody go and make sure aaron okay though
I heard she think i'm making out with luis 'driano
They always wanna laugh it out, jho-annes and jancee
Man, maybe i should let lloydie to check me
All this lovers, can tell no i ain't justin
Girl, this raiza d. stare in alex's beard
Jhelly worth a hundred milli always buyin' for skin
But i don't know, the face is white, let's look at our sins
Charlyne, still watching all the bl's i've been trying to tell her
"she used to sing in church like this"
Jeremiah been bugged her
Matt, using all his skills, he ain't taking a rest
But he took it literally when i said go confess
I used to hug john lloyd, i ain't adressin' him since
C-caught him in our classroom stealing loveliest sheets
I used to give this friends with the best answers and tips
How you want some good grades can't solve without me[Chorus]
Chillin' dreams
Of meeting all of this fancy classmates
I'm just playing b-b-but i'm saying (3x)[Verse 2]
I remember when i used to have a crush on jasmher
Shout out to jireh cause he made it this semester
I want to met them but we need some special meds
'cause this covid might have bring us to our deathbeds
Like miko angelo he was studying tricks
Talking 'bout yo why you got this problem solving than this
On the real, i should make them scrap for the paper
Darlene v, karen jade got champs 'cause they're favor
And i woulda have francesca acting today
'til i saw her out of school busy to date
I see men so many, autocross to russel
I'mma do that tiktok, culture with desert than rikki
Had to welcome jonavivien, girl we ain't speaking
Ain't no fit model, we all know who's been carressing
Patrick & his squad with an android playing bang bang
This ain't what i meant when i said a live bang
Jhoeffer g want a plus points, he said "sir hey"
Mic on and went to engr. monsour way
Mld write essay so he can make his part
Uh, i ain't try'na stop, be open, court ms. pat[Chorus]
Chillin' dreams
Of meeting all of this fancy classmates
I'm just playing b-b-but i'm saying (3x)[Verse 3]
You know i'm all about those gold bars
Eric in between all those stars
You know i have a big brain
And i want him, i'll ride him
So i said show it benedict
A vine cut belerick
And if he act like andong, i let him valo again
I got the proto, i type it
I'm like the best thing that happened
I said just break off this police, honey, don't be mt. everest
Ain't talking 'bout cristaline
I turn jeruel into michael
They go around and around and i'm like slow down
It's not stadium
T-then i fly K up, look at it
I said "'drian won't get that shade", uh
Oh aragon, he said that i am so high at it
Yeah, i'm ralph g, come chill
Salazar like 'delio, bobby
I'm the blueprint of this, cool
Everything i do they do
Yeah, kick 'em out on it, on it
Jermaine to church yeah, really?
Prisoner, miah, rhomi
I'll let you hit me if i show up just like rheigny agui
I'm the blueprint of the school
No student can touch my foot
And i'm techy, me thank you, cedrick is present wooh!
Jericho with li'l looks, ivan absent, in fake coupe
I just wang wang wang, real killers is in my group
Gian is in my unit, crying because he's saddist
And i twink, twinkle
Got diamonds i ain't pandora
And i once own tag, more offices than putin
And my flow spit crack, i think that jake is wackin'
I embodied everybody, in fighting these admins losin'
Fakin', proven, up to stitching woundin'
No i ain't the cross, no no, I ain't roben
Ke ke ke ke, damn, alarmed of snoozing
Shout out to my juls, i ain't the ralph lauren's
Mom is katy, yes, i'm always roarin'
I be like, firework, firework, hate explodin'
I was like, swsw, swish swish, basketballin'

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