Cargo production
Yo [Verse]
I'm like where do I start
I've been tearing apart
Niggas needed a hand, but they wasn't there from the start
I'm like a flare with a spark
Still got care in my heart
I'm in the studio, I'm never leaving there till I chart
I came a long way, from these road sides
Where police and prison guards are tell me I got no life
And on the wrong day, when I had no knife
Imagine that's the day I really got my sliced
I only tell you the truth, I needed help from a youth
Couldn't handle pain, that's probably why I found myself in the booth
I can't take all these lies, I see the snake in your eyes
He was my mate until he changed but I ain't that surprised
That's 'cause I'm used to this
Got too much to loose for this
Came home and see niggas doing what I used to did
Used to do
Reckless and ruthless, how I used to move
But still I am
But I keep in store till I loose my tune
I ain't a fool
You can't take me for no looney tune madman
Pull up telling threes if you move I'll shoot sadman
Hopefully his mother doesn't lose a yute
In jail, it was a one on one, or a two on two
But let me switch it up
Like pirates, we mix it up
Breaking up the brizzys 'cause the cats keep on ringing up
Givin' up
No chance, 'cause music got my whole heart
My whole life, people took the piss
That's why I'm so nice
There's no lies man
It's only real rap
[?] took the piss, but let me come back in
Kenny, you ready for this one?
They ain't ready
Yo yo
So let me tell you 'bout this woman that I lost
That's my mum
I did change my life for her at all cost
Say the queen just died, but I lost mine years ago
So just imagine all the tears I cried years ago
That's why I struggled a lot
That's why I was up on the block
That's why I run from the cops, nearly put myself in a box
That wasn't part of the plan
I've had it hard as a mad
I've tried as hard as I can ever since I walked out the can
The stories deep, but for now I can't fit it in
Might be a rapper but it's still the life im livin' in
The label's watching me
And I know that they pree my ting
Whether the industry fucks with me, I ain't giving in
No way

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