*subtle laugh*
You know, I don't really like you like that
But I think I love you
It seems like I'm always thinking of you
Now Hook:
You got a hold on me
You got a hold on me...
Why you got a hold on me?
YeahVerse 1:
Why she call it 9 to 5, I say life is a lie
They got you working overtime, but that's ok right, that's ok right?
Now most of the time you ain't ever wanna talk, cuz you feel like nobody listens
Even though I always put you first, I always come second like you Jordan and I'm Pippen
That's how it goes and I ain't even tripping yeah!Verse 2:
But you threw it all away yeah
Now she got me listening to Marvin's Room by Drake yeah
In my bag all summer, Drake-ing and driving yeah, yeah
C-L-B ain't out, but I'll be the one to play yeah
Verse 3:
Check this out
Never had a lot this is all I need
People never care till it's RIP (Shout out Drake)
Now she turned her back on me no reason
She a lost individual is all I see (Certified Lover Boy vibes all summer)Verse 4:
Listen to me girl, you don't really know me, know me
I was too late to realize
That you weren't really the one for me
I just wish I knew a bit early yeah, yeah
You ain't never meet eye to eye, cuz you ain't call me
You living a lie, this is why you feeling so lonely
Never want me yeah, yeah, yeah
Now you crying like this is your time only
You got a hold on me
You got a hold on me...
Why you got a hold on me?
Outro Verse:
Where you been all my life?
You just come in my presence, and you just here for a second?
Now I'm stuck thinking about you all night, when you got me in a trance - give me a damn second
To catch my breath, it felt like I just entered heaven
You, you, you hoahhh....
You got a hold on me, yeah, yeah, yeah
Why you got a hold on me yeah, yeah, yeah...

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