Hook: Pac told me only God can judge mePac told me only God can judge mePac told me only God can judge meSo I don't give a fuck about youWho the fuck is you HomieVerse1:You wasn't raised by someone like Afeni ShakurYou wasn't born to be a king or lead us in warLeading my people from farThe piece in the carBut searching for peace in the heartYou wasn't raised by somebody to teach you believing in self is believing in God bleed in these barsBuilding a legacy so when I leave it live onMy mama a soldierHomie I told youI think I'm smelling some dojhaProps what you tell us we owe youBut Pac is embarressed of all youHe's looking down so ashamedThis fuckery came to offend him maybe these rappers so garbage they must've been catching Brenda's babyI take a seat on my throneOnly MC in a league of his ownWhy would I need validation from people that's doing the things I don't even condoneI rather be on my ownRoll up some weed and get blown bumping some Nina SimoneLook up your name, hit delete on my phoneVerse 2:Aim at your dome with presicion the way the police do at innocent kidsI know that God is the one that can judge me the rest of you get out my bizI rather die like a man then live like a cowardYou motherfuckers are worried what they think about itBut I ain't about itI don't waste time on the hateI'm just inspired by greatsI fuck a bitch and go homeSame bitch you're trying to dateI got too much on my mind because of my dreams I'm lying awakeWhy she think she can kiss after she goes down? Ma, hit the breaksBad bitch if she's bougie make her wait up dudes beef then they usually turn to groupies trying to make upYou be turning all green from your jewelry yeah you're chain'd upYour crew be like sex scenes in the movie bunch of fake fucks

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