(One 2): Ayo, R
(R-mean): Yo what up?
(One 2): You know it's been a hot minute man
(R-mean): Yea
(One 2): Streets been talkin' askin a lot of questions you know what I'm sayin'?
(R-mean): No doubt!
(One 2): It's time to silence the noise. Feel me?
(R-mean): Let's get it (Chorus)
If we can have peace together, try to piece together
The things that fell apart, share a piece together
Split the profit, plottin' the scheme together
Weather storms, face problems, we meet together
Stack cheese together, plant seeds together
We all branches, we stand as a tree together
Put our differences aside, have a seat together
At the table politickin' while we eat together(Verse 1)

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