Uneasy lyrics

Uneasy [Verse:1]
How they get when they check up and got no way to reach me
Or how they feel when they Bitch liking benjis pics on the gram
That shit could damage ur brand
Theres shit u can’t understand
Like how I need a little Hennessy to show I am who am
Percocet on Percocet She wan get high as the grand
Shordy Buss it to her favourite go ‘again and again’
But still can’t go to the ends I gotta move different
Cause she Could play innocent- still send them boys to the crib
And I ain’t heard nothing back from all the shots that we sent I guess we got em’ again, I’m outta pocket again(HOLDUP)[Chorus:1]
Oh yeah
Got you feeling uneasy
Gotchu feeling uh- gotchu feeling uh
Got you feeling uneasy[Verse: 2}
Why they always take a mile when you give em’ an inch
You could take that shit back and write it all up again
See I was in it for friends But I got pushed to the edge
I did more than my part and I would do it again
Cause I’m solid to the core I’m as real as it gets
Free 35 out the feds got 30 shots in a tec plus we got one in the head
You never have been a threat you a has been at best
Where I’m at? Let you guess, forty floors up high watching models undress
And I ain’t even my best, still I’m miles ahead
How you swear dat that’s your dog and you ain’t slide for him yet
I see my future crystal clear and I got flawless baguettes
Don’t know why you gon’ get involved if you Ain’t ready for death
Don’t know how real it could get
Setp-step-step-steppers gon’ step
Got racks busting out my jeans ain’t no debit or credit
I ain’t begging for respect I know that I’m gonna get it
And I ain't stressing’ bout shit I got my people to credit, yeah[Outro}
Don’t let the vultures get near me don’t let the vultures get near me
Got me feeling uneasy
Got me feeling uneasy
Got me feeling uneasy
Yeah go time mu-fucka, you already know, Q Milly

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