[Part I] [Intro]
Yeah, yeah
HS87 shit, 1-3-1-7 shit, yeah
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Yeah, 1-3-1-7, yeah[Chorus]
I won't hold you up, hold you up anymore
I won't sell you up, sell you up anymore
I don't give a fuck, give a fuck anymore
I don't get the concept of love anymore (Yeah)
I hold how I feel and it won't let it show
Both fans on a will and I won't let it go
Time heals all wounds but the scars still show
Time heals all wounds but the scars still sh- (Yeah, ayy)[Bridge]
Sun is down, ayy, freezin' cold, ayy
That's how you already know, ayy, winter's here, ayy
My dawg would probably do it for a Louis belt (Ooh)
And I'll remix the song and do the beat myself
Here, let me show you (Ooh)
You dig? (Ooh)[Part II][Verse]
Get used to it, you better get used to it
You better get used to it, wanna talk about hard times?
Young nigga done been through it
Oh yes, I been through it, got way too used to it
Too used to it, you better get used to it
Let you get used to it, til' you got way too used to it
You know you love me still, don't you say that you used to
Don't say you used to (Ayy), don't say you used to (Ayy, yeah)
When you lyin' to yourself I don't gotta lie to you
I been flyin' by myself, ain't no pilot, ain't no crew
I been quiet 'bout some things, if I spoke, I tell the truth
They don't wanna hear the truth, they don't wanna know the truth[Outro]
Minor setbacks, ayy, major comebacks, ayy
Been through all that, ayy, been to hell and back, ayy
Love is all we got, ayy, they didn't tell us that

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