(Is this Glvck?)
Like, what? Like, damn
Damn, damn
Look [Chorus]
It get deadly, I walk with a G
Duppy Woo swervin' the V
Cer-Certi2Sturdy gon' up it for me
[?] left 'em dead, [?] I know the discreet
Back out, [?] back out the G
Like, [?] creator
.40 get to kickin' like Messi
We make the block hot like the equator
Crodie in the field like Mbappé
He get to hawkin' like he [?]
Cricey in love with the triss
I be callin' it Beyoncé
New Bimmer, love the way it drift
Did a buck twenty down the one way
'Cause them boys tried to get up on me
And I had a tan on my lap
Nah, I cannot go out like that
Put the V in sport, started movin' like Dash
Incredible, when she shake it, it's so unforgettable, like
Ki-Kick a 'OA, [?] don't be skeptical
They call me TP, I'm the professional
Set 'em in, know what's best for you
[?] run that shit up to the moon, like
Made a movie and it's comin' soon
May Day, May Day, don't get boomed
Glockiana gon' shake up the room
She a baba, [?]
They was sleep, I'm wakin' 'em up
Call her Zendaya, she shakin' it up
New Bimmer, love the way it bend
Almost [?], did my first [?]
I wish I could see the future like [?]
Lil' baddie ride my lifeline, wait
I'm goin' up, incline

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