Boundaries Dissolved lyrics

Blinded by yours truly
Yet, I play it off so smoothly
Facade decorated cruelly
A hindrance to myself
Set forth by your limitations
Every move I make is a small step backwards
Status of an inferior creation
Apologies, no explanation Hold your grievance
You can’t conceive this
But my potential has yet to be revealed
The world, my canvas
My dextrous hands will
Portray all my extravagance
With a few strokes of my wristConstantly losing my own mind
Trapped inside this everlasting fire
Solitude is never mine to find
Our own sight is all that leaves us blindLost in miscommunication with myself
Poise is but a fantasyHearts of lions are (hearts of lions are)
Fruitless when directed by sheep
I can always lose control
But I could never suffocate
Am I meant to play this role
Or is it more than I could ever take?
I’ve been stuck on the things that you said
I’ve been trapped in my head

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