Put your pinky rings up to the moon
What you tryna do
24 karat magic in the air...
Head to toe so player
Uh look out [Verse 1: Rott]You know I got my money in my wallet
My wallet in my pocket and my pocket in my jet
You know I got the swag and the talent
I’m a real G yeah I’m the dopestI go flashy, I go classy
In fact there's not an adjective that could describe me
At times I go careless, I go flawless
With my money men I talk lessAm a big bad boy with some money in my pocket (keep up)
So many pretty girls around me and they're working up the rocket (keep up)
Why you mad keep your face,ain't my fault that you be jockey (keep up)
Players only....[Chorus][Verse 2: Shepherd]Message to all of my fake friends, I’m living a good life now
Message to all of the fake girls, I know they wanna be a good wife now
Message to them hustlers for street, ori a gbe e de be
Cause if I enter the street, I'll be shutting the area downLooking at me from afar, you know I fit pay your money
Looking at me from afar, you know I fit buy your honey
Spending my money large o, you know that feeling gan
Doing my things large o… you know that feeling[Chorus][Bridge: Bichon]Everywhere I go they'll be like - Oh so player (3x)
Now watch me break it down like
24 karat, 24 karat magic - What's that sound?
24 karat, 24 karat magic in the airCome on come on now...24 karat, 24 karat magic
Don't fight the feeling, invite the feeling just[Chorus][Outro: Rott]Puppy pound on this one
Much love to Bruno mars
Play palms entertainment
The Rott, Shepherd, Bichon

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