This is a Crazy Legs backspin
This is comin home drunk from a club, to a back massage and aspirin
This is Michael Jackson, when he had black skin
Singin "ABC" with his brothers, in Quincy Jones mansion
This is the best thing since grandma's peach cobbler
This is the high you get when you first smoke on some ganja
This is the Cosby Show, when every dude wanted to be Theo
I had a crush on Denise and Sandra
This is my girl, for wantin to be my wife
This is track one on Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life"
This is the first time you heard Lauryn Hill
This is the feeling you get when your girl decides not to take that morning after pill
This is the best of the best feelings in your chest
This is J-Lo's breasts, in that green dress
This is the first time I made out
This is throwin out all my Gobots when the Transformers came out
The best [Hook: various samples scratched]
"Damn right I like the life I live" - B.I.G
"I know a FEW understand what I'm talkin about" - Mos Def
"Damn right I like the life I live" - B.I.G
"I reminisce" - CL Smooth, "It's all good" - B.I.G
"Damn right I like the life I live" - B.I.G
"I'm takin niggas on a trip straight through memory lane"
"Damn right I like the life I live" - B.I.G
"I reminisce" - CL Smooth, "on" - "the best"
This is the best, the best feeling you ever had
Like 23 years later finally meeting your dad
This is that Sunday walk in the park, with a new shorty
Lookin for a spot to spark
This is a drive on the I-95, in a 65 Chevy
Colored red apple candy, doin 80 to Miami
Understand me? This is that first sip of brandy
At your uncle's wedding when you were young, bet that shit had you feelin manly
This is sex, with a girl from out of town
Who broke up with her man that looked better than you but she was on the rebound
This is Mike Tyson's Punch-Out outrunnin Pac-Man
This is Sourpatch Kids, Lemonheads and Cherry Chans
This is that senior trip to the dude ranch
This is growin your first plant under that ultraviolet lamp
This is makin your first grand off a couple of grams
This is San Juan Beach when you first set foot on the sand
The best[Hook][Pumpkinhead]
This is Malcolm X standin by the window
This is roadtrips for kinfolk bumpin OutKast blowin indo out the window
This is your first date, this is Kobe Bryant gettin acquitted for rape
This is fishin in the Great Lakes
This is the best, this is great
This is the best part of the album, this is God's grace
This is Amos & Andy, washin that black paint off they face
This is the person that caught the Rodney King beating on tape
This is channel 5 kung-fu flicks, this is {?} hero combos
With two quarter waters and a bag of chips
This is that shit, this is eggs, fish and grits
This is cafe con leche that my grandfather sips
This is skippin the line at the club cause you on the list
This is G.I. Joe QuickKick that come with kung-fu grip
This is God, this is earth, and before I'm out this piece
Last but not least this is witnessing your child's birth
The best

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