Yo Pi'erre, you wanna come out here? Not reallyI like this beatHow he say it?[Intro]In New York I Milly rock
Hide it in my sock
Running from the opp
Then I shoot at...Okay, I can't, I don't even own a firearm. I don't even know why I'm sayin that, but uh this is what I came up withEverywhere I Milly rock
Nothin in my sock
Never run from opp
Standing up to opp
Never will i....wait hold up, Jamie be like
Yo Pi'erre, you wanna come out here?
Never will I stop
Never will I drop
I just keep it going (I)
They don't even know it
I just keep it flowing (fly)
This is how I show it
And I know you feel the music
Recognize the growth
Ain't no paths that I'm choosing
Cause I make my own trails
[Verse 1]Females steady falling for the dudes that give them nothin
I don't understand that logic, RelliKay done had that subject
Don't know what y'all didn't listen to the words that she was giving
For the Girls in denial, y'all gotta start thinking different
Liaison for the people struggling
Wondering what I'm gon' say
Don't worry I'll put the numbers in much later
Dark side coming at me like I'm Darth Vader (ooookay)
But I'm not, I forgot, every time, that I say, all the things, that are bad, people...really think, that I'm mad, I don't know what I'm sayin'
I'm just piecing words together with that stream of consciousness
Bringing dominance, I'm just tryna stay on top of this, while I'm rocking this
And if you heard that, know I'm Educated Unafraid, never dismayed
Mom want me to get paid for every song that they play and I'm just looking like hey if Jesus paid for our sins who am I to charge them? The Word post to be free but free is not what they see[Verse 2]Yeah free is not what they see
Conversations with myself like who am I supposed to be?
All this hate inside myself, God take it all away
If we truly are the chosen ones, then where is my say?
Got a chip up on my shoulder, I ain't ask for none of this!
And the world getting much colder, I just wanna be in bliss
But all I'm seeing is a blitz among the people who ain't equal in this country that is evil and the peace is so illegal
Man we afraid to be positive, it's so negative
All I'm seeing is hate , and it's so repetitive
We got this man up in the office who throwing paper towel like some free throw shots, aye this game has got an owl foul
No illuminati, cause it's nothing but the devil though
Yeah I hear you prayin, but you ain't on my level though
Cause I pray in detail, asking God if we fail can He help us rebel so that we can settle though
[Verse 3]Yeah, it's coming soon to a theatre near you
Ain't no trailer nor a date, this not a preview
No, this is just a warning, PSA, whatever ya call it, if the world keep actin up, He'll be here to solve it
Yeah, cause you see what's going on. We got murder, earthquakes, NSA is on the phone
Tapping all in our thoughts, yeah this world is very wrong
God don't like ugly so beware who's on the throne
It goes from Dallas to Vegas
Puerto Rico to Florida
Ain't nobody believing, it's like maybe kinda sorta
All this mess that is coming
Allowing the world to plummet
You better hope Oklahoma isn't next to go all a suddenYup

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