Look At Me! (Freestyle) lyrics

Alright fuck it alright imma do this imma do this yuh shoutout x man I know some people don't like this song cause it became a bandwagon song but i’m just getting on here for hype alright i'm getting on this for hype we're getting on here for hype alright word gang alright let’s do this happy 4th of July family let's go off let's go off aye aye aye aye Shoutout to X
Promise that I am the best
And i'm killing these rappers
I promise that if you fucking with me
You gonna take one to the neck
I never stress promise you that I am the best
You is a pest
Bitch you be bugging like you is an insect
Diamonds on me they shine
Killing everyone with the rhyme
Look at my motherfucking mind
You be wasting all my time
Suicidal when [?]
Promise imma put you in an ambulance
Skywalker feeling like I be Anakin
I'm an introvert with this rapping shitImma introvert I put these rappers in the dirt
Talking shit then you get murked
If I kill you won't be first
Look at all these rappers no
I am so you are no
Bitch you pussy like a camel toe
Promise that I am an animal
Look at fuck on me
Promise you that all these rappers
They cannot go fuck with me
Killing the beat and I promise I be doing it
I do not give a damn
Cross you like a crucifix
I am that lunatic
Fuck what you thinking
I'm back on my stupid shit
Shoutout to my bro
He on that school shooter shit
Fucking with me and you already knowAlright were gonna go off yuh yuh ayeI kill the beat for the practice
Putting this beat in a casket
Crossing the beat like a Catholic
Talking shit get your ass kicked
Flip you like it's acrobatics
Flip your body like gymnastics
Flow is so hot like some acid
Put you inside of a casketLook at me aye
Look at me aye
Killing the beat you can’t fuck with me
Shoutout to my family talking [?]
Y’all know i'm running it
Promise rappers can suck a dick
Promise you cannot fuck with this
Promise you are not touching this
Get up on a beat and i’m crushing it
Look imma eat the beat like that
Talking all that shit imma put you in the back
You know what it is i'm trying to go get the cash
Trying to get my money feeling like i'm Mr. Krabs
Speeding with the flow like that
Talking that shit you better go back
Everyone know i'm a douchebag
When I get up on a beat imma make him move back likeAlright
PRXJEK – Look At Me! (Freestyle)

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