[Verse 1]
I'm taking shots like i'm fucking [?]
I wanna ball no Miss Cinderella
I have the stick with me like I was Donatello
I'm Zatanna turn your brain into Jello
I pull up hey what's up hello
It don't matter imma play like cello
Woke up instrumental really go metal Ok yeah
I swear to god
I take the shots
They get so mad
I got that toxicLyrical capabilities
Hold up wait a minute you want me
Hold up wait a minute you can check my delivery
Giving everybody misery
Ok watch homie I don't show no sympathy at all
I'm so sick when I spit promise you that i'm too raw
Yeah she on my noodle like it's Sudan
Fuck her make her body bend just like a futon
What you talking bout man i'm bout my bread
Talk shit you get one in your head
Ain't nobody want that shit ok
If you got a problem imma leave you dead[?]
You can check my divinity
Promise it's not a laughing matterI spit like a dragon
She treat me like i'm Aladdin
But that bitch she not a Jasmine
I get that pussy assassin
I spit the fire like a dragon
Get on a beat and then I bash it
Make em disappear like magic
Wait a minute I kill the beat full practiceYuh aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye look[Verse 2]
Onto the second verse
Check your temperature
I am the predator no one is better than me
Hold up wait ok wait hold up wait
I'm running with my blade
What the fuck did you say
Why the fuck you in my face
Like [?] my flow is so sick
Killing all of these rappers they on my dick
Really don't matter they want me to quit
But I promise that I will notYou know that I am gonna blow
I must just fuck with your hoe
I must just fuck with your hoe
And her friend I might just fuck on them both
Look I know that you hating
I feel like a Super Sayian
I got the Special Cannon like Piccolo
Hold up wait a minute I am invincible
Every shot I take is critical
Hold up wait a minute homie I don't really give a damn
You pitiful when I be spitting the flow
But it doesn't matter I feel like i'm [?]
They don't understand
Put em in the van
Pop everyone like a motherfucking pimple
They don't wanna come and come up stick a pistolHold up wait a minute imma kick this shit
You know my flow ridiculous
Pussy like some clitoris
I hope you fucking listeningLook and I go every time I know
I do not matter whenever I go
Making them fall like kid domino
Gotta keep going bitch i'm unstoppable
Put a body inside the hospital
Really don't matter bitch I won't fold
If you a pussy then I ask if I were youThis shit is over aye
Nobody colder aye
I feel like I am some [?]
Nobody is out on my level
The way that i'm doing it
I'm making them tremble
I keep the fire on my like I be Lucifer
Fucking with me then
Your head is my souvenir
Really don't matter you know
When they come they get it
I'm Prxjek and I just write this beat man[Outro]
Yeah man FHB yeah

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