Toby lyrics

[Verse 1]
When I was 6 my parents said I could be anything
Now it’s either a homemaker with a $10k diamond ring
Or student loans for life all for an unwanted degree
It’s not that I think they they want the worst for me
It’s just that we have different ideas of "happy"
I was just a kid last year and now I’m planning my life out by 18
Too scared to fail so I’ll do the sure thing [Chorus 1]
I won’t be satisfied, but a job’s a job
I won’t have to worry my head at night
Because I really need my sleep
I work 50 hours this week
But security is worth it, right?[Verse 2]
I turn twenty six next week
What the fuck?! Where did the time go
Never made it to LA or Chicago
I got my second kid on the way though
So you know what that means??
More vacation days wasted in Florida
My parents must be so proud
That I can waste $40 on popcorn and soda
[Chorus 2]
I’m not satisfied, wasted the best years of my life
And now I’m getting old
All that for a dollar raise, and seventy hours next week
My body aches head-to-toe[Instrumental Bridge][Outro]
Both parents are dead as of last week
None of my kids speak to me, I guess this is fifty?
But is it fucked up I feel relief?
I can finally live for me, what’s my life gonna be?
I start a creative writing class next week
Maybe I’ll finish that novel I started at twenty?
God, I hope they like me

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