I've let you take me for granted
Digging knives in my back
While the blindfold that you placed
Upon my eyes stayed strapped
You put me in this rut
Closed my casket shut
And my ignorance to all of it led me to self destruct
Why can’t we all be safe
From all of those just here to take?
While I’ve said my piece, it never gives me peace
Because I relive еvery moment of those days
Always Chorus:
Why can’t I copе with anything
Without damaging myself?
Denying almost all advice
And don’t think twice
‘Cause theres something in the water
And I fear I’m sinking in
My previous self is haunting me within
AlwaysWell, you’ve painted all my vibrance with your grey
Then you dropped me like a rose left to decay
I back down out of fear and pure intimidation
I give in when you say you need your second chances
I can’t stand and fight
Even tho I’ve tried
But my heart won’t beat in silence
A day will come where I’ll be numb to your
ViolenceMoments tick tock by the hour
Potential is fading from this flower
Foreseen futures start to tumble
Why must I remain so humble?(Spoken)
The worst part of all this
Is the cold-hearted fact that
You’re so consumed in your own selfish desires
That confronting you would be nothing but
And karma’s not enough to clean this bed
At the thought of you I blame myself again(Chorus)

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