These conversations are getting basic
You’ve got me in and out and running ‘round just chasing
And while your baiting
You keep me waiting
I’m sorry this is the world that we’re placed in Here I am
I’m running on empty, you see?
I know you want it
So come and take it
I’m sick of defending everything
And being so damn complacentWon't you face it
Our time’s being wasted
And you’re just intruding on my peace of mind
Your time’s being wasted
And I’m sick of testing my will to fightNo turning back
No falling out
No holding back
Just take me on[Chorus]
So when you claim I’m wrong
That doesn’t make you right
We’re shooting for thе stars tonightAnd as the ignorance
Drips right out your lips
You can’t blow out this candlelight
(x2)Lеave your markNow that you’ve left your mark
I’ll go and deal
But I can’t deny that you’ve helped me feel[Chorus]So when you say I’m wrong
That doesn’t make you right
It’s time to test my will to fight

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