Crack, crack, crack and cocaine
Crack, crack, crack and cocaine Been straight so long, now you wanna be higher
Your friends [?] some blow [?] know it
Ready to try, what do you reply
Just say no and turn on your stereo
[?] too
Unless you're too cracked out to hear [?] Professor Boo
For those of you that love to do crack
Let me make this statement, it is a fact
That crack cocaine will drive you insane
Not only mess up your mind but it will fry your brain
Only cause you pain [?]
Crack cocaine is very addictive, where i live
And where i don't
Crack i never did and coke i won't and will not
And that's the reason why my rap's so hot
Because i don't smoke crack and i don't snort coke
I take life seriously, it's not a joke
[?] heaven or hell, so what i do is just rock well
Now i can tell you like to party, and i do too
And when i wanna get high this is what i do
I just crack my bones like a [?] soda pop
[?] listen to the rhythm of my human beatboxCrack down
Crack down
Crack, crack, crack, crack downCrack down to the dust, crack down to the dirt
[?] feels like a jerk [?]
And now he's doing his thing in a rubber room
And all that is in his mind is zum-zum-zum
[?] light
Let the lyrics of this rap ignite a spark
[?] regret it
On this recording, listen up and learn
[?] crack downCrack, crack, crack, crack down
Crack, crack, crack, crack down

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