Black (Spoken Word) lyrics

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What comes to mind when we hear the word 'black'?
Some think about a color- black
Some think about a culture- Black
Some people think about death- black
Stressed, when their money isn't in the black
Let's speak about the people, let's get back
Because the shades of brown skin are simple, yet complex
Men are more than "Say it wit' your chest"
Women are more than beauty and sex
Outward displays with no internal change, I ain't impressed
Women want to be listened to, hugged, loved
They scream, "Protect me when I feel attacked!"
Children screamin', "Daddy, please come back!"
Oh, Lord Jesus, where You at?
Sometimes fail to see the faith in You or my will to act
Now I'm strapped
You are up and death is down, I know where hell goes
When You are not in the family, I know how hell grows
I need to be one with You, track suits and shell-toes
Lotionin' the ashy elbows, both sides of the velcro
They say, "Money doesn't grow on trees"
Wait- yes, it does!
Money grows on family trees when two or three generations agree
And the tree is grown when one eats the fruit and plants the seeds
I'm not a slave, I'm not trapped
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, freedom unmatched
The Lord keeps His promises, He's not slack
Can we speak about how His beauty is reflected in His creation, in His children?
In Christ, you are one in a million, billion, trillion!
But let's get specific to this beautiful black
I heard only twenty-six percent, the odds against were stacked
But there's always a torchbearer, a flamethrower
A King David, a Abraham, a Noah
That survives the flood of lies by getting onboard the truth
And the truth is that the truth outweighs facts
And the blood of a human is no less valuable, not even while Black
So give your flowers to those you value
Because we know many are gone too soon
Life is precious in and outside of the womb
Are you moved
With empathy and compassion?
Compassion should lead us to action
Let us not be what we dislike to see
Beautiful words spoken, but movements are rarely matched
So here's a toast to us not lookin' back
As we lack toward the abundant life with no lack
Cheers to the shades of melody and the tribes of Black
The only response I expect to hear after this— "Facts"

Prof. Biz – Black

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