[Verse 1]
Going to the Nation but I can't take you
I can’t take you
Lord, I can't take you
For there's nothing in the Nation that a monkey man can do [Verse 2]
Can’t ride no bronco, you can't collar no steer
Collar no steer
I say ride no steer
So you see, sweet papa, mama's gonna leave you here[Verse 3]
I'm going, papa, just you wait and see
Wait and see
I mean you'll see
Your wringing and your twisting won't have no effect on me[Verse 4]
Going to the nation to have my hambone boiled
My hambone boiled
My hambone boiled
All these men in Chicago gonna let my good hambone spoil[Verse 5]
I used to love you but I'm leaving you now
Leaving you now
Quitting you now
I hate to leave you, but I'm going anyhow
[Verse 6]
The sun will shine in my back door someday
My back door somеday
In my door someday
The south winds are coming and blow my bluеs away

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