(Ayy, Smatty, let's count up some—) [Verse]
We the one who screaming, "Fuck the opps"
Ayy, and fuck the cops
I won't lead the scene, I'm still squeezing 'til somebody drop
Leave your body leaking then they freeze him, put him on that box
He dolphin, got hole in his top
They popped him like [?] in the pot
Bitch, I'm with the violence, I came from that willing
Shots ring, more bodies piling
Ambulance, police sirens
Well, they know it's drill, murder, kill, kill
Face shot, shoot him close range
Gotta leave him like Emmett Till
O'Block, they heard of us, they call us murders
I know a killer that get visits, he'll wrap you up like a surgery, uh
He just use face masks, high speed,make the jakes crash
Get close, shoot through the glass
Bullets spinning, switches like Flash
And I made this bitch blast, throw shots just like Pacers
Glock on me just like fashion, streets know that boy a savage
Boy, you better run, here the killers come
Five-Seven just new jeans, for issues [?] we got bigger guns

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