[Verse 1: Post Malone]
I got diamonds look like lemonade
Rollie pollie, [?], baby?
I don't want, but I secure my place, baby
Please don't let me say there ain't no way, yeah-eah
Yeah-eah, I oh-oh, please, baby, don't go
[?], I don't know, [?], let's go
And oh no, ayy, oh-oh, and oh no, ayy, oh-oh
Please let me, oh-oh-oh, oh no no, [?]
[?], what you mad at?
Roll the fuck on it, I'ma chop the jet up
[?], oh no, I ain't talkin' 'bout Jada
[?] sit her on a private plane, yeah [Instrumental Break][Verse 2: Post Malone]
Yeah, yeah, Europe, ayy
Pull up on me baby, right now, ayy
Flexin' on that bitch, it's [?], yeah
I remember back at [?] now, yeah
[?] baby right now, yeah, yeah
I'ma ring my lil' baby right now, ayy
[?] right now
Rollie on them bitches right now, yeah
[Instrumental Break][Verse 3: Post Malone]
Don't let me go, don't want to, ayy
No, don't let me go, don't [?]
Diamonds look like[Instrumental Break][Verse 4: Post Malone]
And now [?] I left for sure, yeah
I roll up [?] fresh Dior, yeah
That baby Bentley linkin', that's for sure, yeah
I got the [?] more, yeah, yeah[Instrumental Break][Verse 5: Post Malone & Quavo]
Let me go, let me go, diamond show, [?]
Animal, that's for sure, that's what's cold, let's see it
That's for me, that's for me, that's for me
Let it roll, let 'em all, let 'em all, that's for free
Got a hunnid and I'm flexin', baby, that's for me
[?] see ya, baby
I don't even wanna, no, no, 'bout ya, baby
I don't wanna, woah, mhm, woah
[?] mama [?]
Rollin' through the [?] baby dad, I'm blazin' on my wrist
Rollie on her baby, wanna tell me that I'm the shit
[?] (Yeah)
[Refrain: Quavo]
Good mornin', good mornin', good mornin' (Hey)
Good mornin', good mornin', good mornin' (Yeah)
Good mornin', good mornin', good mornin' (Huh?)
Good mornin', good mornin', good mornin' (Aw)[Verse 6: Quavo]
Good mornin', love (Good mornin')
The stars above (Stars)
I wanna say (Yeah)
I'm fly like dove (Uh, yeah)
Yeah-yeah, fly like a pretty lil' birdie (Ayy, brrt)
Yeah-yeah, I'm in the Maybach with curtains (Ayy, skrrt)
Yeah-yeah, takin' all of these drugs on purpose (Ayy, woo)
Yeah-yeah, I'm just livin' my life, I deserve it (Woah)
I'm from where all they do is cook up (Skrrt, skrrt)
[?] bad bitch, it give me good luck (Bad)
Pull up, pull up, get in, shut up, shut up
Hook up (Woo), I got the hook up, Master P hook up (Ayy, yeah)[Bridge: Quavo]
Uhh-uhh, uhh-uhh
Goodbye, goodbye
Good times (Good times)
Goodbye, good times
[Verse 7: Quavo]
We [?] the times
Do you believe in the times? Do you?
Do you, do, do, do you believe in the times?
Do you, do you believe in the time that I told you that we was goin' make it?
And you ain't think that you could save me
[?] we ain't have it
You ain't think that we was goin' make it
Now you wanna have my babies, huh (What she wanna do?)
She said she wanna have my babies (What you wanna do?)
'Cause she crazy, crazy, cray, crazy, crazy, cray
Crazy, crazy, cray, crazy, crazy
So loco, loco, lo, loco, loco, lo, loco, loco
So psycho, psycho, so psycho, psycho
She typo, typo (She psycho, psycho)
She the right ho, right ho (She right ho, right though)
But right though, right though
But right now, right now
I can't even go for her
[?] and she want
She bi-po', bi-po', she bi-po', bi-po'
She a bad bitch, bad bitch, got lipo, lipo
She crazy, crazy, she crazy, crazy
She crazy, crazy, really, really
Bi-po', bi-po', got lipo, lipo
She bi-po', bi-po', got lipo, lipo
She psycho, psycho, she loco, loco
She crazy, crazy, she crazy, crazy[Instrumental Break][Verse 8: Quavo]
Drop top on my drop top [?]
Drop tops on my gang [?]
She wanna [?]
She wanna ride on the top, [?][Instrumental Break][Verse 9: Quavo]
Uh, you think that you can play me?
'Cause you so crazy, crazy
You bi-po', bi-po'
You need therapy, you need therapy
You just got out of surgery, uh
And with your fine ass, I'ma buy you a bag
Every time you get mad, but I'ma go let my pants sag
And I'ma go pull up in Jags, and I'ma go pull up in Jags
And I'ma go pull up in Wraith, yeah, you know you my taste
Yeah, you know you my taste, I'ma invite you to my place
I'ma invite you to my place, I'ma put Rollie on your way
I'ma put Rollie on your hand, I'ma put Xanny on your waist, yeah
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah

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