[Intro: Wyclef Jean, Pras & Wise Intelligent]
Yo this mic is on?
The wickedest combination in the world!
No doubt, Poor Righteous Teachers, Refugees
You know what I'm saying?
[Verse 1: Pras]
Walk around in the record industry
I'm looking at all the Pharisees

Asking me where I'm going
All I know is one day that Babylon will be fallen
They welcome me into Jerusalem
Eighty niggas highly crucial by Ham
I got my .45 by my side
Just in case another nigga tests me someone's gonna die[Verse 2: Wyclef Jean (Pras)]
Bo bo so bo I leave the boat for the pope
Smoke mad weed but not touch pelico
Primary purpose of the set
Is to present techniques and guided practice
And forced access to forfeit
Emcees lose focus
Wyclef to accomplish throwing crumbs in the hell pit
Vocabulary, comprehension, steady reading and critical analyzing
Techniques to enable DJs to interact with my material

Play it on your turntable scratch it if you're able
Characteristics, circumstances
Will determine how long you live Mr. actor, Mrs. actress

(I act will snatch gats from kids with backpacks who lack raps
In an Ac to get with that)[Break: Wise Intelligent]
Easy! Ya man!
[?] something![Verse 3: Culture Freedom]
Black people say I represent when I get my chance
But when I'm ripping to this beat, yo it's my Nubian dance
That I be doing around these suckers' titles that I ruin
Although you do not like the flow you should not have been booing
Now you and your crew had better get your act together
Before I have to cut the Fu release the stormy weather
Whatever you say, but nigga pop your shit my way
And you'll be screaming "Mercy me" like if your name was Marvin Gaye
Now put it away and stay the fuck up out my face
I smack you in the mouth homeboy and you'll be missing taste
What a waste to everything existing up till now
So many claiming butter but just don't be knowing how[Break: Wise Intelligent]
So my selector, come with the rhythm![Verse 4: Pras]
For sure I'm law to be the poor righteous conscious
You might just feel thrust when I touch like Midas
My tongue is gigantic, lyrics are tremendous
Wyclef and Pras they drop hits wherever they goes like Gladys
Catch the midnight train to Georgia

As my tongue does a dropkick like Sgt. Slaughter
New world order, you lions who are trying to roar
I'll silence you lambs like Jodie Foster
There's no need to feel sentimental
Parental guidance is advised for those who despise
The Wise and Intelligent, Refugees, immigrants[Break: Wise Intelligent]
My selector, Culture Freedom lay the wickedest basslines[Verse 5: Wise Intelligent]
May...I... kick a little something for the G-O-D's in the J-E-R-S-E-Y
Because you niggas know me I'm the da gan ya dee
Sixteen five one three five coincide freak wise
Time you recognize who run up in the nine
Rush like water raw cuts in your guts
Trails from Rossell oh hell we rock bells
Live as Stuyvesant, Wise and them, rise again
The Gods A.V.G. they'll bomb Washin-
No man 'em trouble they jet something
Don't make me have to kick you on your God damned chin
I'll frappe you in your head with bottle of Heineken
Lord, Mister Wise, PRT - peace![Verse 6: Lauryn Hill]
OK, ha; my intellect will protect what you threaten
Captain to Lieutenant (bing), even take cadets in (bing)
I take them all rich and to the powerful
Don't fear no other force I be defining your hardcore
The folklore you spread down over tracks
Got you gassed off some shit may I suggest Ex-Lax
Relax! Your whole perception seems to be distorted
In my dimensions fake refugees get deported
Jokers be biting each other's styles so much it's eerie
So many deja vus but can't no other crews come near me
It's weary, my brothers couldn't hold this if they grasped it
Confession to Jesus are even tried to master
I passed it off the levels of your mere mathematics
I'm on some astrophysics Quantum Leaping on your tactics
Triple bypasses, your crew's slow as molasses
While I amass cream like Jackie Kennedy Onassis[Break: Lauryn Hill]
Ah ah ah ah
Refugee P.R.T. connect
New Jersey, this is how we do it[Outro: Wise Intelligent]
If hip hop was a thing that money could not buy
The righteous would never live and the righteous would never die
Poor Righteous teachers and Refugees come to testify
We world sexy style
Ya man!

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