[Verse 1: blackwinterwells]
I've been scanning all the walls
For a switch to fix it all
Secret entrance to your heart
Separate the different parts
Find the latch to open paths
Where the truth is in a casket
Locked with keys I found rooms back
Holy Grail then fade to black
Then fade to
[Verse 2: Slug † Christ]
I think that it's a secret entrance
Somewhere right around you
Yep, it's been a minute, about a million years
I wonder if I'll find it
Or if I'll just stay silent
Is it even weight or is it out of balance?
And this weight on my back, it's too much
We'rе not safe, please don't laugh, but I'm down bad
It's too latе, I'm too late
Even if I find my secret entrance [Verse 3: polearm]
You tried to taint what I consider sacred
Take it all away, I won't be nameless
I keep all the things you forgot locked away
If it's up to me I'll always keep them safe
And I could say I love you but you think I don't
You think I'll make the same mistake but bitch I won't
Melt my body through the cracks in the floor
Take my feelings when you walk out the door

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