Ay, bah bah bah bah brat bah
Ay, Yeah Yeah, bah bah
Yeah, Ay Yeah (Verse 1)
If you pull up on me then you coming to die
You say that you hard but you know that your not
I know where your at so just stay at your spot
You say that you shoot but you don't got a Glock
I know I did right when they say I had fall
Y-You wanna kill I haven’t got shot
I don't give a fuck I don't run from no cop
Up in that [?] sippin that wock
I stay in my lane You don’t know your place
Keep talking that shit till you get a fade
Why you in my way just get out my face
I don't wanna talk I don't fuck with no fakes
Take from my plate that was a mistake
I can't get a break I just be stayin away
You just know my name you don't know my ways
They all wanna hate but I don't debate(Outro)
Bah, Boom Boom Boom Boom

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