Run it up [Verse]
Aye, if yo' beat don't sound like this then don't send me the shit
I need a flick, nigga I done spent a grip on a fit
Yo' dog starving, better get him some kibbles and bits
My life a real nigga movie, gotta stick to the script
Ain't know the posse finna blow? Shit they hearing it tick
And like [?] we finna get bitches big as it get
It ain't gone be return fire, get hit with a diss
You gone hear about a pussy getting hit with a dick
And you ain't gotta waste your breath with that innocent shit
Take a nigga bitch, that's a pick, I gripped her for six
I be with P's, send a bitch, no feminine shit
Tell her take it up with AllState, I hit 'em and dip
Nigga talking like he 'bout it, go read him a book
Three piece combo, that boy went to sleep from a hook
Project baby hating neighbor it's me and the crooks
Tryna see who got a problem, I'm eager to look
I ain't playing games with niggas like I'm Klay
A nigga try me gone get the 'Donkey of the Day'
Caught that boy tryna turn up, he thought it was time to play
Damn nigga, now it's no more parties, Coi Leray
You could look me in my eyes, see I'm on a mission
Got a pole everywhere like I'm going fishing
But if I swing on a nigga it's like holy hit him
I put them paws on your team like they go to Clemson
But never know when shit get iffy, gotta keep the blicky
Freak bitch try to kiss me, she gone get a stiffy
Don't give a fuck what niggas on if you don't see 'em with me
My state of mind on two P's, just like Mississippi
And I could send you two P's, nigga free the shipment
Khalil Mack for that sack, nigga we be blitzing
San Andreas on the streets, we could do a mission
Bobby Brown for the whip, this the new edition
Have you ever seen a demon coming through them Christians?
I'm a Grizzly like Morant, I should move to Memphis
Playa Posse playmakers, we don't do the benches
Splitting poles with yo' squad, you niggas superstitious

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