Blood Sport lyrics

Verse 1
I've been processed, packaged, delivered in bricks
I've been cut, cooked, chopped, and whipped
I've been called all types of names (heh)
Like perico, yeyo, snow, blow, and cane
I'm the reason that the Cubans took over Miami
I'm the reason they extorted Escobar by extraditing his family
I'm protected by killers
I'm handles by dealers
Well-connected with greed
I'm all white but I produce green
They'll kick in your door, like Bruce Lee
Just to have an intimate love affair with me
I corrupt governments. Yeah, that's me (ha ha ha)
I built the streets, listen closely
Now, it's cool to be a snitch, it's cool to go to jail
It's cool to get caught. Damn, where did I fail?
When I was in the streets heavy they had codes and rules
Now it's just steady foes and fools
That's why they get found stiff like frozen food
Take a sniff and let me remind you (Whoo!)

Sniff (co-), snort, (-caine)
Deal (cow-), extort (-boys)
Will (will), kill (kill)
For the love of the blood sport
They'll do 25 to life
For the love of the blood sport

Pitbull – Bloodsport

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