[Verse 1] - Snuff Trisha
Bitch is crying in my basement
Pliers leave deep wounds on stumps
I can take a life in second
But I plan make view goosebumps Torture u to point of death
I'll tear out inactive soul
Twist your knuckles with clippers
Hoe will never see the sunHung it on a hook
Then I skinned her alive
Took her body to the woods
On the way, ate rotten eyesMane, dat corpse - my property
N I'm keeping what is mine
They wanted to live fuckin life
Thеy paid the double fuckin price[Vеrse 2] - Piller Mane
Crawling larvae eat the muthafuckin flesh
Body almost decomposed
I will make a blinding flash, n
Will hang it over cross
Smashed his muthafuckin brain
N shoved the contents into mouth
If u, bitch, go talk to me
Run yo muthafuckin mouth, hoe

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