Slackademic / 7 PM Freestyle

Phoenix, Red



[Intro : Roc Marciano]
I'm chillin' man [Verse 1 : Phoenix]
I just wanna chill, with my bros
I just wanna sleep, eyes closed
Lights out, curtains closed
Airplane mode, away from the noise
I just need a drink, ice cold
I just the need my tunes, nice, old
I just wanna be with my cats
Home, never somewhere else
Laying on the floor, starin' at the ceilin'
Nothing on my mind, i really be chillin'
Barely even sent my vocals for the track
Locked in the house, i just wanna slack[Outro]
Flowerleaf : Meow!Roc Marciano : Everybody's chillin' manHello, no one is available to take your call, please leave a message after the toneSCMadeG : Slackers Lounge, a lounge based in Idleville where you can slack around and enjoy life than to get caught up in a world of pain and agony that's upon everyoneMajed : You already know what it is, Phoenix & Red
Phoenix made it, Red slayed it nigga
Slackers Lounge, you heard it here first man!Jefferson : Props to my mans Phoenix and Abolmind, Slackers Lounge for lifeـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ
7 PM Freestyle[Verse 1 : Red]
Man this pain made me think of
All the shit I could've done
Now I don't want to blink
To feel all the teardrops
Tho I'm just tryna sink
All my regrets in my teardrops
Shit I don't wanna bring
Back all the memories
Guess i'll just sing
And try to live on on melodies
Man you can't trust nobody
These people are so full of shit
Phony faggots act like money is hard to get
And phony bitches play hard to get
Fuck it, I just wanna set
All these people on fire
Seeing you faggots burn is my one and only desire
Man I only admire
My thoughts and my thoughts only
Maybe that's why I'm always lonely
I lick the blood off of you niggas like Tyson Fury
Mostly hidden, mysterious, Iceberg Theory
Vision is always blurry
Cause of the tears
There is nothing that this heart of mine fears
Tho I'm on the Edge, Spears, Britney
Sing this shit with me, Whitney[Outro : Araz]
بله شنوندگان گرامی، اینجانب فلانی هستم گزارشگر صدا و سیما
ما الآن توی نیویورک هستیم
ببینید چقدر اینجا فقر، فحشا و بگایی زیاده
همه معتاد، ببینید
میکنن sellin that re-rock همه
میکنن hide it in a sock
همه مواد هارو توی جورابشون قایم میکنن و میرن پشت
عرضم به حضورتون دیوار های نیویورک میکشن
اصلا فاجعس اینجا

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