Back 2 New York lyrics

Verse 1 : Phoenix
Somehow pain always came through and sealed my fate
Them Manhattan streets cold as the dinner i ate
It's the home of Wu-Tang, home of the Onyx
Full of fiends in the streets and they hooked on chronics
Can't speak on the city, you H.O.E
It's the home of M.O.P. and B.I.G
Last but not least rest in peace Prodigy
It's NYC til i D.I.E

Verse 2 : Red
This beat is insane
I'm the master of this shit call me sensei
Sometimes I wonder how am I living with this pain
Then I remember I don't give a fuck about people and what they say, yeah
This is Red spitting bars
Physically on earth, mentally on mars
And all these bitches hooked up with my spear of mars
Beefy and sticky like some bars of Mars

Verse 3 : Phoenix
And i'm only 22 but my mind is old
With a 100 degrees out but my heart stay cold
Temperature's rising, we set fire and wait
My voice go from QB to Empire State
This that black hoodie rap only walk with Timbs
And if you talk greasy we might chop ya limbs
I got 20 G's just wrapped up in a blanket
Relationship goals, me and Benjamin Franklin

Verse 4 : Red
Just a boy with his pack of red Lucky's
Plus some Switch games and Kentuckies
Can't get any better
But that doesn't mean I wanna settle
I'm building myself level by level
Always keeping the fuck out the devil
21 but I'm no savage
Ain't no time for hesitation like my man Havoc

Phoenix, Red – Back 2 New York

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