Introducing, the star of the show
Bring it on if you think you can hang
Represent one time, time, time [Verse 1]
May I have your attention, please?
What you are about to hear is undoubtedly
The most incredible MC of the year
No-no-no-no, no wait, no please, no wait, no listen, um
All that I wish to do is to display
A brand new rendition of style that I have
It'll only take a moment of your time, four minutes!
Then it will be beneficial when it is replenished
But then again, you might never return
To the shit you're hearing on the radio get burned
I have a dream, one day we will get to the promised land
Then the president will be me
The government will be Shabaam, Mos and Kweli, that's it
All wackness is now banned, obtain access through retina scans
Voice verification enhancement, the man who moves his hand
And will motion light detect you
For genetic confirmation, DNA verification
Access: Pharaoahe; Codename: 13
Residence: Southside, Queens; Armed and dangerous and [?][Verse 2]
Smack the nigga in the mouth, stabbed his mother in the eyeball
I brawl like Mike Tys' in his prime
My advice, you think twice before you grime
'Cause I'll wink once (one time), your bitch is mine
'Cause she's feeling the flow, best believe I'm drilling the hole
Heads high, kill 'em with the low
Revealing, chilling, filling up position to be killing the show
Stopping 'em on top feeling, plus I'm grilling the dough
For a couple of million or so, I'll be willing to blow
Pharoahe's a chameleon
A million niggas are feeling 'em on the low
Every syllable of mine is an umbilical cord through time
For the sick typical niggas who choose to pick pitiful rhymes
Spit, shit, it's more dimes to get
More higher levels of spirituality to reach
And I'm trying to win[Outro]
Refuse to lose
Refuse to lose
Refuse to lose
Refuse to lose

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