(I’m back)
Phantom Look
It was New Years 2020
I already had a problem on me
Shawty wanna fuck, but bitch I can’t
I had no condom on me
Put the weed out
I got something for you to blow
Before I spread yo knees out
I got something you need to know
Cause once I hit that ass
It ain’t no walkin’ after that
And when I see it ain’t bout cash
It ain’t talkin’ after that
Cause it’s stay woke or stay broke, which side you on?
It’s more to think about than wondering who mind you onSo at this time I need to think
At this time I need a drink
If you really about yo money
Hit my line we need to link
I done seen so many phonies
I deal with it by my lonely
All this talking need to stop if you with it you got to show me
How to make it in this life
I got to earn some
Been takin’ L’s, but it’s alright
I had to learn some
Like if she not helpin’ you grow you need let that bitch leave
I had suffocate the beat now ima let that bitch breathe (oou)
I’m not finna let up y’all
2021 we poppin’ off
(Look look)
I need a guard that’s paid to shoot
I want a baller on me
Cause all of y’all stay on the bench
I want starter on me
And it’s too late to ride the wave
I got a charter on me
Tryna do it big you see the world
But lookin’ smaller on me
And you start a lot of shit but it’s not odd that you not finishing
Cause I’m judge of that
You pray God before your sentencing
“I’m hot, I rap”
When ain’t none of y’all are lyrical
“I pop, I snap”
Man I crackle like the cereal
Words keep pouring out
Think that I can do this without stoppin’
Shit ain’t boring now
Think I can do this without poppin’
My life a movie I’m just tryna edit with the bloopers
If you sleepin’ now I promise you’ll regret it in the future
I’m one of kind and I swear it, ain’t nobody like me
Put in work and I grind, searchin’ for checks, I lost my Nikes
Demons in the back creepin’ up they want to snipe me
Cause they know I kill the game and leave remains
Who gone indict me?

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