95 Degree Angles lyrics

[Skit: Phanatik and children]
Aye what y'all doin' outside? Don't ya'll got homework to do?
We need help
A'ight what y'all need help with?
Mr. Brady can you help us with our math homework please? Please huh please?
Alright go get your math book and meet me out here on the porch
Imma tell a story, a'ight? [Verse 1]
1995 the number
Another summer evenin' it's hot
95 degrees, no breeze for this young teen
Was nine years old when when he watched his pop leave
Which leaves no role model around to guide his steps
He couldn't get it right 'cause only the block was left
Five years of fatherless livin' amounts to shopliftin'
Gettin the five finger discount
At the local five 'n ten liftin' little odds and ends
Never thought he'd have to see the inside of the pen
'Til the fifth time he got pinched
Woke up from his dream the nightmare begins
Ten years minus one for his crime
That's nine with good behavior neighbor he did the time
It's 2004 when they let him out the prison house and doors
But now it's him and his four bulls
Met 'em on the inside (for what?)
In for nickelin' dime scams or sellin nicks and dimes to the man
Now these five cats thought they had nine lives
And couldn't spend spend the next eight grindin a nine to five
Gettin nine bucks an hour, eight hours each day
Said there's gotta be a easier way to see the pay
So, let's take some time and figure out
Plan for us to hook up and help ourselves out
Nine months passed, now that's a lot of blunts and hash
For these five young G's to pass
'Til one Sunday, nine o'clock, mom's in his room
Said you're comin with me to church boy, Sunday school
He's thinkin' it's worth a try
Sneaks, jeans, and a shirt and tie
On his wrist something crisp, if you'd seen it'd hurt your eyes
Arrived at the church while the preacher's preachin'
Excerpts from Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses
And about Jesus who came to save souls
Fed five thousand heads with fish and five loaves
Had his back whipped with the cat of nine tails
Then nailed to the cross by nine inch nails
But nah, he couldn't accept the blessin'
Distracted by his cell he's checkin his text message
What up fam, we gotta plan for this cash
Fifth national bank, corner of ninth ave
In and out in five minutes without the slightest blunder
The plan is air tight, I call it the ninth wonder
He left church and caught a ride with his man
Hopped into the stolen '95 sedan
They put him down with the five point plan
Listenin to Royce Da 5'9'' on 95 FM
Rockin' to the jams, gettin high as kites
Loadin' up the heat in case the guards try to fight
Couldn't even see who got behind 'em at the light
'Til they saw the red and blue from police cruiser lights
It's time to take flight, it's the only way out
Hell before jail, we heard the driver yellin' out
Now he's tryna remember the words from the sermon
Can't concentrate 'cause the car steady swervin'
Was it nine verse five or chapter five verse nine?
He'd listen and live different if he could rewind the time
But, it's like the button stuck in fast forward
Bullets buckin back and forth, the car soarin'
95 miles an hour, I-95
Lickin' shots at the cops behind 'em wouldn't die (?)
The whole city's watchin' this mid-day cruise
Live on the channel nine on the five o'clock news
And when it ended it was not pretty
Five-O pulled the nine and put five in this 59-50
Now there's a reason I just had to tell
'Cause perhaps you dwell on that 95th parallel
And you're runnin right beside
The side of that God livin' life on the line, 'bout to die on it
But if you can decide to slide with Jesus Christ
No denyin' , hands up and put five on it
[Skit: Phanatik and children]
Now if you take all that and add it up, you should come out to nine-hundred-and-fifty-nine, right?
Yea 'cause see nine times five is forty five
Forty five, you make that with a four and a five
Four plus five equals nine
Nine plus five is fourteen, that's a one and a four
One plus four equals five...
Nah I'm just playin', I'm playin
But look, you're life is gonna be the sum total of all the decisions you ever make
So when you add it all up, what's it gon' look like?
I can guarantee you this, no matter how positive your outlook
As long as your life is minus Jesus Christ, the outcome is still gon' be negative
I don't care what else you add into it...
Phanatik – 95 Degree Angles

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