Lost in the cosmos of time
Finite to the human construct
A spec of light hurling through the macrocosm
The universe oblivious to its inhabitants Reaching the Eschaton
We've outstretched the inevitable
Will we be missed?
Or a lost chapter in existenceCollide with our uncertainty of what's to become of us
And I have been waiting for someone to come find me
An anomaly confined
By its inability to comprehendI will not waste away
Clinging to the thought of what could be
All morality collapsed by the weight of our failures
There is still progress to be madeAnother rotation
We are the ones enscribing
A new foundation
Struggling to find another solution to this catastrophe
Just believe
(In our selves)
And begin the natural acceptionBegin to find everything
All life presented
Because this life is just a faint glimpse
Until we fade awayAnd now your soul remains in a fleeting existence
Condemned by the will of your god
This is the end of ascension

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