[Verse 1: Young Gunshot]
Uh, going H.A.M
I can't afford it, so I'm eating Spam
Watching Rob Van Dam
What the fuck? Sam I Am
With the green eggs and ham
, nigga I'm crazy
Come through, listening to some old-school Jay-Z
In a bucket
Come through with a bucket on like, "fuck it"
Looking like Fredrick Douglass
With the lil' cut in my hair, you don't even know
I come through, pigeon-toed
Come through with a different ho
I don't even know, don't ask questions
Come through, I don't ask no one for suggestions
Cause I'm depressed
I come through... [Verse 2: Tyler, the Creator]
They know I'm the best here
Shit get more wavy than my fucking chest hair
What y'all mean?
Y'all niggas fishy like sardines
Oily as fuck, you see the ice on
My neck, it's shiny as fuck, like the sun
Just got buttfucked by a truck with a bunch
Of lights in it, I fucked your white women
Y'all niggas don't want to do this
To me tonight cause I got a knife
I stab any nigga in his esophagus
You don't want no problem, bitch
Oh, you gon' call the police? Well, give me your phone
I'mma use your anytime minutes, dial my home number
310, 310, 310
Mom, open the door
I'mma come in, make a bowl of ravioli
Walk out, get in a car, drive somewhere else
You don't believe me, nigga?
Come see me, nigga, come D me, nigga[Outro: Tyler, the Creator]
Wait, I was about to say the alphabet!
You wouldn't let me finish!

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