Next Chamber lyrics

Scratch Intro: Peter Rosenberg, Raekwon & Method Man
But listen to the Wu, son
Bu-bu-bu-but listen to the Wu, son
But listen to the Wu, son

Pass the weed nigga, who got a lighter?
M-E-T-H-O-D Man

Verse 1: Method Man
Look, thinking faster than a blink
After I smoke a rapper, pluck the ashes in his drink, don't really care what rappers think
I bring it back to Cuban Linx, the flow don't go extinct
As far as quotas, I'm straight like ain't no soda in my drink
Drunk off power, I swear I'm finna throw up in the sink
Cop some sour, these coppers finna throw me in the clink
Like a mobster, Sinatra finna show up with the mink
Flow is bonkers, you rappers finna show up to a shrink
Therapeutic, assume them Jesus
Ain't near Judas, just shooters
Kindly step to thе rear, Grand Pubas
For the coolest old-schoolеrs since the suede Puma
And all my karats begin with K, not Kay Jewelers
I made maneuvers, and for my family I make futures
Pipe full of smoke, now who want smoke? I make hookahs
Uh, the same reason I don't take Ubers
New York state, I don't do statements for state troopers

Verse 2: Raekwon
Ayo, the face mask is Louis (Nah)
Uzi taped under the chair like the apocalypse, come rock me if you dare
Capturin' enemies, we sneaky
Camo suit, call it the glamor suit
Moviemakers, Rosie on the news
The cold name is turkey wings
Holdin' them "Hurt me" things
Personally, I change kings, it's more dangerous
Rap game, we mastered
Stealth blaster, pens got hydrochloric acids
Spit in your face, yeah, your forehead smashed in
Yeah, we scare away them Earth Wind and Fire verbals
Comments coming, behold, bro, we throwing glaciers
With chrome P9s on G time
Homie, Shallah Louis Rich, peace sign and blew the streets

Verse 3: Willie the Kid
Yo, ice-cold like a Michelob
Load the nickel-plated and the bands playing Nickelback
Michigan plates, motherload, this ain't chicken scratch
Kickin' back, scratchin' dent, this a different batch, I'm baggin' chicks
With heirlooms in their earlobes, I'm crowned prince
I'm their apparent, apparently a suede trench
Distinctive rockin' trinkets, the banks I frequent
Request the manager to speak with, you been delinquent
I'm drinking mescal with freaks out in Mesa beach
My recipe cook the beat like it’s escabeche
Capisce? You fuckin pantsies, I'm buying land (Buyin' that shit)
I'm not the type of man you can reprimand
Understand that this the best part, parting waves
Like a fool and his new money, pardon my ways
I don't raise, I immobilize, I mobile guys
I'm getting paid to socialize
Champagne socialist, the leading vocalist
Showboat, not a show business
Driven like a chauffeur, who dope is this?
Rosenberg told me to tap in, the Wu banger
From Shaolin to Gun Ru, next chamber

Scratch Outro
Maintain, it's all real
But listen to the Wu, son

Rosenberg, Raekwon the Chef
(Meth-Tical) Willie the Kid
Hold it down, boy

Peter Rosenberg – Next Chamber

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