914 lyrics

[Verse 1: Styles P]
Hell yea I'm pullin' my thang out, you gettin' banged out
Bitch nigga, you shit done came out
Kick it with a 914 nigga, four niggas beefin'
Guess what? my 914 niggas
I warn niggas like whoever will come through
My shit stay kicking so I'm calling it kung fu
Master my own style, punk show 'em what gun do
I'm lethal like a heroin bundle, yea
The beat rocks from Pete Rock, the flow from the ghost from D-Block
Four pounds send you to Esau, in other words Jesus Christ
Man, my shit stick together like beans and rice
All I need is weed at nights to smoke and rhyme
And I'm probably the nicest nigga to breathe in light
And can't nobody prove me wrong, I'm to strong
And the motherfuckin' street niggas need me right [Hook: Pete Rock]
Ayo fuck what you heard and what you thought you saw
Been all over the world reppin' 914
Styles P and Sheek Louch, they wild fo' sure
Been all over the world reppin' 9-1-4[Verse 2: Sheek Louch]
Raised in the ghetto singing songs for survival
Late night, Valhalla, rollin' out the bible
914, every corner store got a nigga with the raw
Just bring your straw
Piff by the O’s, pussy galore
Little thief bitches get the monkeys out the store
Shit look real but a nigga ain’t sure, yo
You know a real nigga when you see him
Jewelry dripping, white tee, you wanna be him
Burner on him and don’t care about freedom
Bitches with him, other girls wanna' beat him
I’m trynna' stay alive, what up Mount Vernon?
Rest in peace two-five, Pete with the knot
Who else to ask for but Sheek from D-Block
Two guns down, calico up
I’m done here, pass my cup[Hook] (x2)[Verse 3: Styles P]
Nigga I get fresh like Easter
Who wanna get sliced like pizza, while I light my reefer?
You could come through with your crew nigga
Burner go through niggas
One shot is knockin’ off two niggas
I might come through with the Uzi, shoot niggas
Filmin' on Fuji, put the shit in a movie
Who wanna' get burned with a loose?
Black tie affair, I grown up
You get stomped with the Gucci’s
You oughta' be playin’ me two feet
I don’t need five, I gotta' knife you ain’t leavin' alive
I said the green and cream Beamer is mine, the Z8
I see hate, you get the three-eight right in your eye
Yo Pete, play this shit for the street
Niggas licking they heat, got a brick in the whip on the seat
Them niggas no different than me, so they listen to me
I understand all the shit that they see, what[Hook] (x2)

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