Inspire Me (Fletcher's Wise Words)




Inspire Me
Inspire Me
Influence can be a tricky thing
Inspire Me (Verse 1)
Uh, inspire me
While I conspire see
I try to keep it to the point like E.T
Easy to the peasy
Like fucking Megan Thee with a trojan
I hope I make it past the part of a legend
I pray to god, never fail, like a reverend
I hope I make a couple O’s like seven
This isn’t treason
I'm tryna lift you motherfuckers too
I'm tryna make it so you motherfuckers pass the blue
And maybe pass the moon
I'm tryna fuck mother nature so I can be the dad
Imma force to reckon with, so you better bring knee pads
I can shove my dick in your girls mouth and still have inches hanging out
I can put my little trouts in her droughted pussy
Hey that's like seamen hanging with fishes, get it
I’m your godfather, grandfather, blood father, gone father
I can take a toddler, put him as my sponsor, and win some soccer moms
I can I can I can I can I can
I will I will, if you inspire me
If you inspire me
Think you can make it, just cause you got a couple views
Well here’s news for you pal, you’re fucking screwed
Don’t ever sacrifice your flow, your lyrics or your talent
Don’t ever be half assed famous like a balance
At least make it a challenge
At least push the boundaries
At least make an original sound, come on please
We can learn and rule together
We can break the rules together
We can be the hope that this world's been waiting for
We can breed this next generation’s carnivores
Get them hungry for the game
Get them hungry for the grain
Get them hungry to make it past the madness and the pain
Come on, baby
Together we can do this forever
And ever
And ever(Outro)
The truth is Andrew, I--
I actually fucking tried and that’s more than most people ever do and I will never apologize for how I tried
There are no two words in the English language more harmful than good job

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