Current State Of Mind
Problem Number 1 Is I Know
Scary Dudes
They Don’t Mind To Pull A Pistol
When You Playing Fools
It’s Only Recent I Learn Patience
Like I’m Crafting Jewels
Had A Talk With Mino
He’s Hella A Scary Dude
He’d Outrap Any Rap
That You Would Bet It On
You See I Got My Own Killers
And We Can Get It Going
First Verse Ever Laced
I Never Wrote It All
First Time In The Studio
Now Check That Boy Is Gone
From That Fat Kid
That Nobody Ever Liked
To That Chubby Chico
That Finesse Your Wife
Running Point On Your Play
Like I’m A Veteran
Young King From Thе K
Tell Me Who Bettеr Than?
Impilo seyaChange(a)
Now The People I Look Up To
Now Look Up To Me
Man Your Skills ain’t birthing - Nun
Like A Vasectomy
Ngiyinja YaloMdalo
Don’t Say Futsek To Me
Kleva Yini?
Uhlulwa Yini?
Ukuhlonipha abadala
Awufundiswanga Yini?
Ngeyi Killi EyiFile
LeyiDumbu Seziya Banda
LeyiNtwana Zifile KimiA New Regime
Planting Deadly Genes
501 - Now That’s Expensive Jeans
The Main Man Don’t Need a Next Of KinKwaze Kwasuka
Nami NgiFuna Ukugebile imishini Yabelungu
Stealthy Moving
Kinda Crazy How I Manoeuvre
Two Piece Steak Mabafuna iBeef YokuNuka
Akukho Lula Maan
IZinga leNyama Sela NyukaI Pass The Baton
Ke Bangani Asiba Ngene ngeRap
I Got Archives Of That Knowledge
It’s that Clap n Tap
Just know you know a lot in life
If you got regret
After this I know these rapper gon’
Need a recess
Lena eMajor asisayi Bizi
NgeNdlela yokuExpressa
I got excess raps
And it’s all in my chest
Don’t need a vest
If you taking shots aim for the head
Don’t need a test
Unlike beta
I’m alpha on thisI get to the mission
When I’m tasked for it
All these dollies bring ass
And they clap widdit
I also need a brain
Then we can work widdit
Akuna Ndandatho ezoKishelwa iSbunu
Esingena Limit
Vele Ngiyazi ukuthi ngiyaDelela
It’s only truth if you ever feeling all attacked
It’s pretty simple mawungGcqala
Ke Ntwana FutsekK1, All Stars
Ne Blunt Elinga Pheli
Nama Grootmaan
In The Hood Acting Like They Bred Us
Nale Skill Siyazi Fikela
Acting Like They Made Us
I’m Still The Villain In Your Story
Don’t Change They Perception
I Keep It Going Same Way
Don’t Need No Opinion

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