Nobody likes me, that's what I used to think, so I'd put down myself and go pick up a drink. But after a few cases of Dr. Pepper, I realized I'd been gaining weight and my teeth had been better. So I tried capris sun, but that didn't help, because they always made the pouches so small I had my first beer when I was 21, and I think that I threw up
I lost my v-card when i was 21, and I think that i grew upMy parents like me, they tell me every day, I guess I'll go chill with them, they've got a good place to stay. But after a few weekends of sleeping over, I realized that I was bored as shit and hooked on RC cola. So I called my best friend, thought we'd have some fun, but I forgot he's got the couch that's too smallI'm feeling anxious, while you're out having fun. Man I wish I could throw up
I fucking hate this, I thought you were the one. Man I wish I could grow upBut I'm trying to like myself, I'm starting to like myselfFed up I can't drink I won't drive, I'm sick of hearing that you thought I was a nice guy
I give up I can't think I won't smile, I'm telling you that me and Taylor got a new styleNobody likes me, and that's okay! I think I'll go get some help and find something to say. Because it's a waste of precious energy to reminisce on you and me, so I think I'll like myself today

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