ACL lyrics

I've been holding onto this for far too long so I wrote this song with the hope you knew

I'm getting better

I've been waiting, for this to pay off, it's once a week and I'm losing sleep but can't stop thinking how

I know nothings gonna mess this up

Please don't tear your god damn ACL
It's Monday night and all I need are 20 points
I've been waiting all week long
For you to let me down

I've been stressed out
Grinding all my
Teeth to dust, do I care too much, can I hide the fact
I'm getting better

This takes my mind off
All the bullshit
That's in my life, i won't think twice, i hope you can't tell
Grip on all of this

I'm growing old
My bodies breaking
I'm wasting too much time
It's not my friend
My bones are aching
I'm wasting all this

Sometimes I get so scared that I won't even try, tell me what's the point of trying if we're all gonna die, sometimes I get so sad that I won't make a sound, tell me what's the point of singing when we're dead in the ground

Perfect Saturday – ACL

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