14 Years lyrics

It's been 14 years
That I've been
Holding on to. This First edition Charizard card
I thought it would get me through collegeBut I was so wrong
And now the damn things fucking worthless
And it's got me feeling the same way
I've lost all sense of purpose
Feeling lost without a place to stayAnd i know it's better for my health if I'm on the shelf
And it feels like if I open up I'm not worth as muchI hope this is rock bottom, because I hate it here
And if not, I give up, I'll fucking disappear
I've been having some trouble trying to figure it outAnd I. Sure hope
That it's gonna get better (it's gotta get better)
And I, just know
That it's gonna get better (it's gonna start getting better today)It's been 14 years that I've been holding onto this
Mint condition blue eyes white dragon
I thought it would get me through grad school
But I dropped out, now I'm feeling pretty stressed out, No idea where I'll be in 5 years
How the hell did I get so stretched out
Now I'm trapped with all my darkest fears
Perfect Saturday – 14 Years

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