[Intro: Matt, Mitch, Scott and Kirstin] [Verse 1: Kirstin]
You just want attention, you don't want my heart
Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new
Yeah, you just want attention, I knew from the start
You're just making sure I'm never gettin' over you, oh[Verse 2: Mitch, Scott and Kirstin]
We out here drippin' in finesse
It don't make no sense
Out here drippin' in finesse
You know it, you know it[Verse 3: Mitch, Scott and Kirstin]
I've got new rules, I count 'em
Are you that somebody?
Tell me are you that somebody?
I've got new rules, I count 'em
Are you that somebody?
I've gotta tell them to myself[Verse 4: Scott (Mitch and Kirstin)]
Havana, ooh na-na (ooh)
Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh na-na (ooh oh oh)
He took me back to East Atlanta, na-na-na (ooh oh oh)
Oh, but my heart is in Havana
My heart is in Havana
[Verse 5: Scott, Mitch and Kirstin]
Baby, I'm dancing in the dark
Looking so beautiful
I don't deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight[Verse 6: Kevin, Kirstin, Mitch and Scott]
All you have to do is stay a minute
Just take your time
The clock is ticking, so stay[Verse 7: Mitch, Scott and Kirstin]
Ooh woo, I'm a rebel just for kicks, now
I been feeling it since 1966, now
Might've had your fill, but I feel it still[Verse 8: Kirstin, Mitch and Scott]
Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito
Deja que te diga cosas al oído
Para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo
I'm in love with the shape of you (bailalo)
We push and pull like a magnet do (despacito)
Although my heart is falling too (pasito a pasito)
I'm in love with your ...
[Verse 9: Kirstin (Mitch and Scott)]
'Cause I got issues, you got 'em too (you got 'em too)
So give 'em all to me and I'll give mine to you
Bask in the glory of all our problems (I hope you're somewhere prayin', prayin')
'Cause we got the kind of love it takes to solve 'em[Verse 10: Mitch, Scott and Kirstin]
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Baby, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)
Feelin' inspired 'cause the tables have turned
Yeah, I'm on fire and I know that it burns
Baby, I'm sorry

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