[Verse 1]
It's in your eyes, a colour fade-out
Looks like a new transition
Is starting up and shaking your ground
Turning your head to see a new day calling
Does it feel like a head to lean on
A snapshot from where you were born?
I'm looking for your hand in the rough
You're caught in the wire
Well, I'll lift you out [Drop][Verse 2]
Leaning on the action
Caught in a cellphone's rays
Bleeding on the sofa
Staring at the wayside
He's coming and she knows it
Even if she knows why
Footsteps in the hallway
Girl, you haven't got time[Pre-Chorus]
You gotta get out
Go far away
You gotta get out
Go far away
[Drop][Verse 3]
Darkness in the bedroom
Maybe she's resting up
Maybe she was out late
Just come back from the club
I can't hear her breathing
Something doesn't seem right
Killer in the hallway
We're living on a set time[Pre-Chorus]
We gotta get out
Go far away
We gotta get out
Go far away[Drop]

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