[Verse 1]
Raised on Fenkell and Strathmoor, my first hustle:
I was draggin’ bottles out through my backdoor
Walkin’ through the alley, had to run from a pit
Take the bottles to the store and turn ‘em in for a flip
On the side, I was sellin’ drug dealers my piss
And my family was gettin’ money but I need my own chips (I need money)
Had a lil crew of friends, they was with whatever
I used to let ‘em wear my clothes so we could shine together
In high school, it was all about yays and leathers
And that’s when I seen drug money don’t last forever
Shit started gеttin’ tight, but I need Nike’s
Matter of fact, I need the Prada boots with thе red stripe
Started hustlin’, sellin’ weed to my niggas
Wasn’t until the white is when I felt I was a dealer
Hustlin’ so hard, some days I barely even ate
On the go soon as I wake, only break is when I gotta wait [Verse 2]
For the next sale
If I don’t move my whole pack, then I can’t rest well (Nah)
Me and bein’ broke didn’t mesh well, so I had to leave it
Fast forward, now I’m in a drop Benz, thankin’ Jesus (Jesus)
Niggas in they 30s still young-nigga competin’
Tryna see who spent the most on they pieces (Boy)
Boy, I’m in my own lane, I don’t pay attention to you niggas
Swear dudes pocket watch nowadays more than the bitches
I’m Giovanni, don’t need nobody to cosign me
Followin’ the wave is where you niggas won’t find me
I set trends, conversin’ with plugs to get the best in
Won’t even move a muscle if ten is what it’s less than
Unless you fam and tryna build, I could see your plan
You tryna get on your feet, so I’ll give a hand
About the haters – I don’t give a damn
They was created right on Instagram, I’m simply bein’ who I am[Verse 3]
I don’t need a nigga’s stamp, I could stamp you (Stamp you)
For playin’ strangers close is what I can’t do (Nah)
I rather swim in a swamp full of gators
Than run around with a bunch of a secret ass haters
You got it all wrong, y’all compete with your niggas
I leave room just so I could eat with my niggas (Yeah)
Bring shit to the table, never leach on a nigga
Just sayin’ real shit, ain’t tryna preach to a nigga, nah
I understand I’m a different cat
This shit you seen me with, nobody gave me that
Had to spend the same stack to make a different stack
No big homie put me on, nigga, picture that (Picture that)
Niggas got fronted bricks when I was flippin’ crack
They crutches gone, now they livin’ life handicapped
And I taught myself how to walk
Every win, every loss, made the spirit of a boss (Of a boss)

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