Rain Ammunition (John Peel Session #2)



[Verse 1]
Rain ammunition
The foreign prey
Winter is rapt
And it's a cold, bitter trap
Ride away
Lose the virgin tribe [Verse 2]
Lady, you're the Fort Ham of your dress
No one will lay it and no one will say it
Kids are like a wild, deer-y game
Tough shank legs will never be the same (Ah)
(Passion)[Verse 3]
There's a troop
He's not plural, he's
Dropped off by a desert shack
Shandy Town, look at your lime sparks
Under the tree
She falls like a leaf
[Verse 4]
Stay on the primal scream track
Rave up your fortune
The miners will help you get back, back, back, back
What they took away in '82[Outro]
There's a labor
Evil shoppin'
Yeah, you, you're shoppin'!
Oh, woah, woah, woah

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