Marjolein: How the hell was that kinder and gentler?
April: Why is the river red?
Dominique: Day 19, we’re still following the river. We’d like to rest for a day...
Marjolein: Day 19? We’ve only been here for a few hours
Leanne: A few hours? It’s been days
April: Days? It’s been weeks
Kurt: Remember how long we were in the caravan?
Marjolein: It seemed long, but now I don’t think that’s true. Time in these things is an
Dominique: Does anyone hеar the voices?
April: What voices?
Dominiquе: Listen… Voice 1: Eating, and being eaten
Voice 2: I hear there isn't a creature in the forest that isn't hunted by something else
Voice 3: And man?
Voice 2: he’s just meat like everything else
...Voice 2: There are no souls in the jungle, very little justice and no ethics. Well, in the end you begin to accept it all. We watch things hunting and being hunted. Reproducing, killing, dying it's all endless and pointless. Except in the end one small pattern immerges from it all, the only certainty: one is born, one lives for a time, and then one dies, that’s all. All the rest is veerd savahVoice 1: What’s that?Voice 2: It's a game the natives play. It doesn't make sense, it's quite pointless. A chases B, B chases C, C chases A. Then they turn around and go the other way. It’s quite senseless. Except that the fellow who was here has satisfied his desire to be over there, everybody’s had the fun of running after something, everybody’s grabbed a handful of stuff that they wanted because everybody else wanted it and well it's endless

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