[SPOKEN] The house loved the presence of children. They were the only thing that could satiate its deep ever malingering loneliness. It already had two children, when it appeared down the street from
Emma. The townspeople eyed it carefully, and waited. Emma, and her friend Conner were curious about that old house that just appeared. It had a lovely garden, and one day while playing in its yard, they met the two children already living inside. Eventually they were invited in to eat. And on the dining room table was a wonderful feast of every food a child could want. They ate ravenously, then were shown to an upstairs bedroom where they fell asleep. The house having happily gained two more children moved to another street across town, taking Emma and Conner forever withLittle by little the house collected a menagerie of bright children. They ran about playing games, screeching, eating and always obeying the one cardinal rule the house imposed upon them:
Never open the basement doorThe townspeople watched the house carefully, and waited. Emma learned all kinds of games, would often take care of the younger children. Some nights, when the others were asleep, she
Eyed the basement door carefully, and waitedThe primal forces that propel life can only be held at bay for so long, thus it was inevitable, that someone would open the basement door. Someone always did. This time, it was EmmaThe basement wasn’t the funland the rest of the house was. The basement was... cool. They started hanging out down there. The changes happened fast. Conner began looking at Emma
Differently, furtive glances, size, growths, curves, crushes, eventually cries of passion and cries of rage and sorrow. Within two weeks, the children had become wolves. The wolves howled and prowled and cannot be contained, and they broke through the cellar doors and ran out into the night air
When the townspeople heard about the wolves, a cheer went up through the town. The great hunt had begun, and they grabbed their guns, and headed into the woodsThree days later the last wolf alive crept unseen back into the house. It was Emma- she had
Been shot twice, she was bleeding and whimpering. She was also pregnant. She crawled her way to an upstairs bedroom where she lay. She gave birth to two human babies and diedThe house loved the presence of children, they were the only thing that could satiate its deep, ever malingering loneliness. It already had 2 children when it appeared down the street from Vicky

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