A bit strung out he floats the streets
Travails by trading tricks for treats
Scoffs at futures and at pasts
And paints the night long as luck lasts His parents told him long ago
"We had a baby boy, you know
One night the fairies came and boom
Replaced our son and gave us you
They broke our heart
They tried to put one through
But yeah, we knew."In childhood one friend had he
A fairy only he could see
Together every day they'd play
And she's still with him to this day
The only friend that ever really stayed
Not went away
At 12 he left went on the streets
For reasons why we best not speakThe fairy she went with him too
They forged the way the city through
What else did you expect them both to choose?
They make doAlas his adolescence raged
His fairy friend began to fade
She's still there it's just his eyes
With age they cannot see her kindAlone in pale grey cities of the blind
He's now confined
But there's a drug, a rusty sand
It's all the rage, he takes it andWhen he's high, again he sees
His fairy friend, he can perceive
Together is just how they're meant to be
It's all he needsSo a bit strung out he floats the streets
His teenage years taste nice and sweet
To certain married men with cash
He paints the night long as luck lasts

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