The Last Man (Radio Wolf Remix)




Remember how it used to be
Before our Mother wept
Before our needs and industries took everything she had
Burn the bridges, burn the trees
Ships fall lifeless on the sea
Ash to ashes
Smoke and dust
Is there time to turn back now? If we learned from our mistakes
Learned to give and not just take
For he who denies it first, will get what he deserves
The last man to walk the earthDarkness fell upon his dreams
The morning held no sun
Barren streets and plastic soul were all that he had wonVoid of women, void of kin
Silence danced like a ghostly friend
All that’s left is loneliness for the one who couldn’t care less
But if we learned to change our ways
And learned to give and not just take
Oh for he who denies it first
Will get what he deserves
The last man to walk the earth

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